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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I can't decide between a thermal fogger and your electric fogger, which one do you recommend?

A. The answer totally depends on your application. If you're fogging in your backyard and power is available, we'd recommend the electric fogger, although it makes a bit of noise like a hair dryer, it's quick, simple, safe, reliable and non invasive in its application producing a fine water based mist. The thermal fogger requires fuel canisters and diesel carrier chemical and produces a thick white fog which some neighbours may not appreciate. Additionally the thermal fogger when used with diesel can produce a odor similar to a truck engine.

If you need your fogger to have mobility for use on camping trips, out in the boat or in remote areas of your property, what better than a lightweight, cordless thermal fogger. It's virtually silent except for a slight burner noise similar to what your gas cook top might produce. 

We hope this helps in the decision!


Q. Are the chemicals used in your foggers safe?

A. Our insect and pest control chemicals are safe when used and handled correctly as per the supplied instructions. All chemicals have the potential to be dangerous if treated and handled without care. We strongly recommend you ready the Material Safety Datasheets (MSDS) for the chemicals before use. A copy of the MSDS is available via the product page for your review prior to purchase.


Q. What is the cost of shipping a thermal fogger to Karratha, WA?

A. We offer a flat shipping rate on all our products of $19.95 per order Australia wide. 


Q. How long does the gas canister last on the thermal fogger?

A. A surprisingly long time. If you've ever used these disposable butane canisters when camping you'll know how long they last. Additionally they're about $1 per canister to buy so fairly cost effective.


Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Yes, please email us for a quote


Q. What warranty do you offer on your foggers

A. All foggers are covered by a 12 month Australian warranty.