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About Us

Fog Off Mozzie (Mosquito Foggers Australia) is an Australian owned and operated business based in Brisbane, QLD. We specialize in insect and pest control equipment and chemicals. Our easy to use range of insect foggers and misters are ideal for use with many types of insecticides and chemicals. Our preference is the naturally occurring pyrethrum (pyrethrin) oil which we combine with an activating agent piperonyl butoxide to create a very effective and safe pesticide for use against most flying insects including mosquitoes, midges and sand flies to name a few. For large scale or commercial insect control applications the industrial petrol fogger is most practical and creates a large fog output combined with portability. Smaller applications such as back yards, acreages and outdoor sheds that require a portable insect control solution are more suited to the smaller butane powered, thermal foggers. Insect and pest control indoors and where 240 Volts is available, the cold ULV misters are a great option and use water as the insecticide carrying agent. For sales advice on which of our products are most suited for treating your mosquito or insect problems don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Mosquito Foggers Australia is proud to be the Australian distributor for Burgess insect fogging equipment.

For more information on mosquito and pest fogging please see our Fogging Information page.